#8: Howard's Buttah Answer
Linda Richman Would Be So Proud

Syndication: 1998

Match Game is one of the classic game shows of all time, there's no denying that.  What people can't deny is that some of the worst answers of all time have came from this show.  But when one thinks of the worst answers ever on Match Game, they point to two people that gave such answers of horribleness that are worthy of mocking.  One of those people was Howard Schultz.

Yeah, that guy.  Anyways, after his opponent played out her Round 1 question and got zero, he was left with the category "Yentl Therapy."  I should explain that in the 1998 incarnation of Match Game, they picked from one of two pun-filled categories instead of selecting A or B.  Either way, the puns were always good for a laugh.  He says that "He's the Jewish One in the Group, I should get this one."  After that, host Michael Berger read the question.

"I just picked up the new Webster's Illustrated Dictionary, and there was a picture of Barbara Streisand under the word (Blank)."  I can think of several answers that would fit this one.

And apparently, the 5 celebs on the show are having some problems as well, as it takes them a few seconds to do just that.  Judy has to ask Michael if her answer is good and he says it's fine, so I think she's onto a winner.  As the others hurry to come up with something, Michael goes back to ask Howard for his answer.  After Michael asks him he says...

"Don't they say she's always like buttah!"

Michael's face says it all.  He is bereft of a reply to that answer.  Apparently Howard watched too much Saturday Night Live and Coffee Talk with Linda Richman.  I wonder what Linda Richman thought when she saw that answer on TV.

"I think some of Paul Baldwin's Splecthis that was in his genectagazoink went into Howard's Brain."

Thank you Linda.  So after some recovery from that gem of an answer, we go to our panel and see what they said, while Vicki chastises Howard for that awful answer by quoting Rondell Sheridan "Do you even watch this show?  Do you even know how the game works?" After that, he does what anybody with a lick of sense would do...

hide his head in shame.

So, Vicki claims that she'd find her picture along with Streisands with her answer.

Although it was censored, she said "Bitch."  Then we go to John Salley, who knew where Howard's answer came from.  But he went a different way.

He went the princess route, which is ok, but still not the definitive answer.  Then we come to Judy Tenuda.  After some annoying jokes later, she gives the definitive answer.

NOSE!  That's the definitive answer.

Nell goes the Vicki Route with Bitch,

& Bobby Collins goes with Judy and Nose. 

Wow, although it was a funny minute or two, it was one of the worst answers ever uttered on this show.  Howard would lose the game to his opponent, but since this was the 1998 Version, nobody watched the merry meltdown that had happened. This version would be cancelled in 1999 to make way for Family Feud with Louie Anderson, but this was one of the few memorable moments from this awful version.

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