Top 5 Least Favorite Hell's Kitchen Seasons
Top 5 Worst Goodson/Todman Shows
Top 5 Worst Replacement Hosts International Edition
Top 5 Worst Replacement Hosts of All Time
Game Show Network Sings The Themes
Who Wants To Be A Princess?
Gutterball Alley
Dream League
Tic Tac Dough '90 Commercials
Bedroom Buddies
Truth or Consequences - The Unsold FOX Pilot
Double Up (NBC Kids Version)
Jeopardy! (The 1978 NBC Version)
The Fall of HQ (2018-2019 Wayney Award Winner)
Card Sharks:
The 1996 Pilot
Jeff & Barb's $7 Big Sweep
It's Your (Million Dollar) Chance Of A Lifetime
Sex Wars
National Bingo Night
Millionaire's Clock Format
Game On!
Free 4 All
Peppard's Password Plus Rant
Small Talk
Twas The Worst Fast Money Ever
The Riddlers
Kevin Frank
Wait 'Til You Have Kids
King Of The Mountain
(Aired Pilot)
Candy Crush
(2017-2018 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Goen WOF's Armed Forces Week
Red Or Black?
(Viewers Choice Winner)
(Celebrity) Bullseye: 1980 US Version
101 Ways To Leave A Gameshow
The Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour
(Viewers Choice Winner)
Top 5 Worst Moments From Hell's Kitchen Season 2
Family Secrets
(Viewers Choice: Relationship Edition Winner)
McGee and Me! A Star In The Breaking
TTTT's Final CBS Daytime Season
(Viewers Choice: Black and White Edition Co-Winner)
Penny To A Million
(Viewers Choice: Black and White Edition Co-Winner)
Goddess Of Love
(Viewer's Choice: Horror Edition Winner)
Save To Win
(2016-2017 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
The Moment Of Truth
(Video Induction)
You Don't Know Jack
(Video Induction, Special Host: Garrett Seidelman)
Set For Life
(Video Induction)
The Krypton Factor: The 1995 Series
(Video Induction)
The Krypton Factor: 1990 US Version
(Special The Games Of '90 Episode)
Beat The IRS (Legally)
(Video Induction)
Philly Pheud
(Video Induction)
The Grudge Match
(Video Induction)
Million Dollar Word Game
(Video Induction)
TPIR's College Rivals Show
(2015-2016 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Win, Lose or Draw - The Robb Weller Season
(Special The Games Of '90 Episode)
Tom and Kris' $0 Pyramid
(Video Induction)
Camouflage - Barris Version
(Video Induction)
Hollywood's Talking
(Video Induction)
The Perfect Match - 60s Version
(Video Induction)
  The Top 5 Worst Good Show/Good Host Combinations (Video Induction)
The Briefcase
(Video Induction, 2014-2015 Patrick Wane Award Winner: TV Category)
Buzzr Password
(Video Induction & 2014-2015 Patrick Wayne Award Winner: Internet Category)
Strike It Rich - 50s Version
(Video Induction)
Revenge Of The Egghead
(Video Induction)
Top 5 Worst Whose Line UK Panelists
 of All Time
(Video Induction)
Game Show In My Head
(Video Induction)
(Video Induction)
Show Me The Money
(Video Induction)
The Worst Final Chase...EVER!
(Video Induction, reuploaded to Vimeo)
There's Something About Miriam
(Video Induction) 200th Induction!
Man O Man
(Video Induction)
The Choice
(Video Induction)
Remote Control's Last Days
(Video Induction)
The Video Game (Video Induction)
Dylan Lane (Video Induction)
Top 5 Worst Hell's Kitchen Moments:
Season 3
(Video Induction)
  Top 5 Worst Game Shows of 1975
(Video Induction)
TPIR's Failed Pricing Games Of '78
(Video Induction)
TPIR's Plinko Special
(Video Induction)
The Diamond Head Game
(Video Induction)
American Gladiators (SNES & Genesis) (Video Induction)
TTD '90s Divorced Couples Week
(Video Induction)
(Video Induction)
David Sparks & All About The Opposite Sex
(Video Induction)
FAM Interactive Games
(Video Induction)
YouTube Family Feud
(Instant Video Induction)
(Video Induction)
Million Second Quiz
(2013-2014 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Press Your Luck: The DVD Game
(Video Induction)
Hollywood Squares for Wii
(Video Induction)
Nickelodeon GUTS for SNES
(Video Induction)
Video Power
(Video Induction)
Charles Ingram
(Video Induction)
Anna Sass's 0-Fer Fast Money
(Video Induction & Instant Induction)
Make Me Famous, Make Me Rich
Jack Gallagher
Let's Go Back
(Video Induction)
Time Machine: The Second Format
Time Machine: The First Format
Jeopardy Porno Parody
(Written by Mark "Cornshaq" Davis)
Scramble (Video Induction)
The Newlywed Game Porno Parody (Written by Mark "Cornshaq" Davis)
Top Five Reasons Why The New Price Is Right Failed (Video Induction)
Split Decision (Pricing Game)
Who's Still Standing (Video Induction)
American Gladiators NES Game
Family Feud's Bullseye Round
The Worst Answers from the
TNA Wrestling Special

(Video Induction)
Strip Poker
The $100,000 Pyramid DVD Game
Take It All (2012-2013 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Dollar A Second: The Unsold 1981 Pilot
Second Guessers
What Are My True Colors
Think Fast
(Video Induction with Special Guest: Hardcore Kid)
Thousand Dollar Bee
(Kids Month Finale)
Off The Wall
It's Torture
The Colour Of Money
Golden Balls
The Reel To Reel Picture Show
Think Like A Cat (Special Video Induction)
Top Five Reasons Why Match Game 1998 Failed
Burt Luddin's Love Buffet
Love Connection: The 1998 Version
Brad Sherwood: TPIR Announcer
Daniel Rosen
The Torturing of Rich Fields
Shopper's Casino
Bargain Hunters
The Home Shopping Game
Faux Pause
Cop Out!
Extreme Gong
Name That Video
Shopper's Bazaar
The Australian Price Is Right Revival
(2011-2012 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Fun House NES Game
Press Your Luck Wii Game
The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime Board Game
Win, Lose or Draw Nintendo Game
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes
Bob Elliot and Ray Goulding
Blake Emmons
Mark Richards
Phil Moore
Nick Arcade
Pictionary - the 1989 Version
Pressure 1
Peer Pressure (aka Pressure 2)
Chris's Big Money Fail
Robert Kilroy Silk
Keith Chegwin's Naked Jungle
Robert Redford is Pointless...Truly
Patricia Heaton's Millionaire Meltdown
Attack of the Zeroaires Part 3
ESPN's Trivial Pursuit
Perfect Match (1986 version)
Double Digits
Ghouls of TPIR Halloween 2009
Bad TPIR Bids: Part 2
On The Nose
Big Saturday Night
(100th Induction!)
Shop Til You Drop: Megastore Edition
The Worst of Hell's Kitchen:
Season 1
Rappin' Wink Martindale
SNL's Phillips Family Feud Parody
Rolf Benirschke
The Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa Puzzle
Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition (NES)
Love Triangle
(2010 - 2011 Patrick Wayne Award Winner) 
Millionaire's Tournament Of Ten
Fun House Fitness
(GSG Create an Induction Grand Prize Winner - Aaron Levinger) 
Superstar USA
(Second Place GSG Create an Induction Winner - Brian Henegar) 
The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan Temple Run
(Co-Third Place GSG Create an Induction Winner - Andrew Mora) 
Name it and Claim It
(Co-Third Place GSG Create an Induction Winner - Matthew Wojis)
Ray Combs' Last Fast Money
Patrick Duffy: Game Show Host
Secrets of the Crypt Keeper's Haunted House
(With Special Guest Seth Drakin) 
Family Feud's 400 Point Format
The Worst Double Dare Obstacle Course Obstacles
Wheel 2000
I'm Telling!
Bob Johnson's Big Money Turkey
Catchphrase Post-Roy Walker
Bradley Walsh: UK Wheel Host
The Chase of Keith from the Isle of Wight
Supermarket Sweep's Monster Squad
Jackee Harry's Pyramid Problems
When Did That Happen?
Born Lucky
Horrible Karn Feud Answers Pt. 1
The Game Game
Attack of the Zeroaires Part 2
Temptation: The New Sale Of The Century
The Dating Game w/Brad Sherwood
Jack Wagner
On The Spot
The Yodely Guy Suicides
Evan Goding
Professor Price
Brooke Burns
You're In The Picture
Hidden Agenda
Bruce McBirney's Cure-all Water
Jason's Selfish Fun House Run
Laurie Dotson
Squares' Big Money Bonus Game
Blank Check
What's Going On?
Fred's Futile Fast Money
The Our Little Genius Scandal
(2009-2010 Patrick Wayne Award Winner)
Monday Night Quarterback
Number Please
The Neighbors
Carnie Wilson
The Chamber
The Remote Control NES Game
WOF's Worst Solves pt. 1
Hold Everything!
Celebrity Double Dare
The Get The Picture Rap Special
Skip Lackey
Robb Edward Morris
Family Fortune's Irishman Problem
Hi Score
Full Swing
You're On!
(April Fools Induction) 
Card Sharks 2001
Sang's Scrabble Sprint
Attack of the Zeroaires Part 1
Tic Tac Dough 90 Raps
Chains Of Love
The Newlywed Game (Rodriguez Version)
(Updated 1/7/2011) 
3's a Crowd
Bad TPIR Bids, Part 1
Fried Chicken Drewcase
Rappin' Chuck Woolery
Frog & Alligator
Joe Farago
Duel of the Dice
Johnny Arcade
Howard's Buttah Answer
Elevated Conquer Ring
TPIR's First Bullseye Game
How Much Is Enough?
Slime Time
WCW 2000 on Double Dare 2000
Patrick Wayne

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