Induction #263 - Gutterball Alley
The game show that is easily outclassed by the smell of used bowling shows


The Comedy Network: (2001-2002 exact dates unknown)
Text by Cyndi Seidelman
Video by Marc Power

Sometimes I'm quite thankful that the horrible shows that are out there in the world don't air here in the states. Canada for example doesn't really travel well here in the states. The worst show that had any decent traction was Kenny Vs Spenny and that got runs on Comedy Central and during GSN's awful 2004 rebrand. But even that show doesn't match up to the horrendous horrors that was Gutterball Alley. It took the wholesomeness of bowling, and thought that adding a bunch of grossout humor would make it funny and insightful. It did neither and made it one of the worst shows that Marc Power had to go through.

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