We haven't done one in a long time, so we are giving the choice of the next video induction to you. Note that I said video because I'll be doing a couple text inductions during the next while. So let's give you the five nominees that were deemed worthy of this list.

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HOT SEAT (1976) - Poor Jim Peck. One of the best unsung hosts out there and all of his shows have been short-lived, terrible or both. Hot Seat gets the both treatment. Heatter-Quigley's worst show, this show thought using a lie detector would bring in the viewers and expose juicy married details. Instead, it bored the life out of people and made people even more uncomfortable during its 15 week run.

BREAK THE BANK (1985) - Want a prime example on how not to treat a host? Look at how Richard Kline treated Gene Rayburn. Forcing him to play a silly stunt game straight, a lifeless front game and a set that's overall completely blinged out to the point that it would make anybody blind. Add in a nasty firing 13 weeks in, a downgraded format change and you got the reputation breaker for Kline and Friends that no amount of Win, Lose or Draw would repair.

QUICKSILVER - I promised this choice in the Free 4 All Induction and here it is. The sister show of Free 4 All, which suffers from the same problems as that show did. Except they switched out the boring format for a somewhat tolerable one, and the good host in Mark L. Walberg for a robotic lump in Ron Maestri. A host that Jim Williams had nasty beef with up until Jim's passing.

TRASHED - Yay. A show that has you put up your prized possessions and personal pride on the line that's about as fun as the title of the show suggests. The show is everything that people didn't like about mid-90s MTV: Crass, crude and witless. My brother said this was Remote Control's evil twin. Knowing how over-reliant they were on sketches instead of a solid format and something more enjoyable. At least the end game was pretty good.

NATIONAL BINGO NIGHT - Deal or No Deal revitalized the primetime game show after the thrill of Millionaire was gone. ABC made a lot of failures in attempt to gain some of that audience. National Bingo Night was like a gigantic parody for all the wrong reasons. Ed Sanders was like the MadTV version of Howie Mandel, the games were unimaginative and dull, and you had the most uncomfortable piece of stereotypical racism you'll ever see: The ref who they treated like Apu from the Simpsons.

The poll will end on June 1st and will be inducted near the end of the month!

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