Induction #257 - Double Up: The 1992 Kids Version
Dating with your sibling? Dumpster Diving sounds more appealing.


NBC: (September 5th - October 17th, 1992)

February has always been a month of love. While my Games O' Canada compatriot Marc Power hates the commercialization of it all, I don't mind it as much, as it means getting great candy at 70% off on February 15th. Some of the candy may be great, but sometimes it deserves to be thrown into a dumpster. Oh, that reminds me of a show that actually did that to contesants that were dumped. A kids dating show no less. It's the NBC/JD Roth brainchild that was Double Up. It's about as bad and cringey as the line "Kids Dating Show" goes without the cutesy charm that the rare kids games of The Dating Game had.

If they had given the partner some control as to who was dumped or had them make predictions, it would have made for a  better show. But alas, this was destined to be dumped into our landfill of Game Show Failures.

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