#59: On The Spot
Following Paths and Colorblindness For A Car

Pricing Game: (January 2003 - 2005)

Car Games on the Price is Right have had various success rates in the shows history.  Most of the time they turn out to be some of the more popular games in the rotation, like the Dice Game and Hole In One (or two).  Others are staples that are tried and true games and fit the bill for good car games, like One Away and Money Game.  Then you have Car Games that were interesting, but were either too complicated or just didn't fit the typical Price Is Right mold, despite having above average setups, like On The Nose and Add'em Up.  Most of the time, you get a good combination of the 3 and it becomes a hit.  I'd like to think the new game Rat Race will be a big hit for the show, as it's exciting, set up well & it's an easy to play game.

However, there was that one game, done in 2003 that had a really ugly setup, somewhat confusing rules & it just wasn't that exciting or fun to play at all.  Let's go On The Spot.

First, let's take a look at the set up for On The Spot.  I don't know who designed it, but I think their idea was to take all the colors that were available at the local Paint store, make each section one color, so that it is all gravy for everyone to have their favorite color on a pricing game.  In a word, Ugly.  In two words, Butt Ugly.  If you look closer, it kinda looks like a Wheel of Fortune prize podium, without all the dollar amounts, and if it had a few less wedges, but aside from that, it's the same.

Another Eyesore is the identification of the prices.  I don't know who thought this was a good idea for those to look like the way they do, it's just an eyesore.  Plus, the contestant can't tell if it's $31 or $13 or $72 or $27.  Especially in this case, $68 or $86.  Bob had to tell the contestant it was like that for the camera to pick up which price it was.  It just reeked of bad design all around.

Now granted, that problem was fixed after a couple of times on the air, but now it just looked really cheap by having the price on the spot facing the camera & having a small piece of tape with the price printed out for Bob and the contestant.  Sure it was an improvement over what they had, but it was just meh at best.

Want more bad design?  Ok, then how about the small prize podiums mixed with the "Hollywood" Backdrop that Price had with its 30th anniversary on the air.  This was fixed in later playings of the game when the Backdrop went back to the old design, in a pink, blue and purple motif, which looked spiffy and neat.  But here, it didn't look all that good.

I think I railed enough on the poor design on the game, now it's time for the game itself.  The contestant has 3 paths that they can take in order to get "off the spot" and into the drivers seat of the car.  Basically, they must match the price in their path with one of the 6 small prizes over on the other side of the stage.  If they are correct, they get to move up to the next price.  If they fail, they go back to the spot and must pick another path in order to get off the spot.  Now, that doesn't sound too complicated, but in early playings of the game, it sounded like you needed a Masters degree in physics in order to figure out the game. 

A good thing about getting a price right, but missing out on the next one is that if that price is in another path, it's like a freebie of sorts, since you already have that price claimed.  So, at least it's got that going for it.  Aside from that, I just find it a bit boring to play, and it's been done better with Pathfinder, kinda rendering this game pointless. 

It was a good idea for a pricing game, but it needed some major tweaks, mainly in the set design to make it not look as a big of an eyesore that it was.  For the game itself, it's ok as is, but it just kinda felt there and not really exciting.  I could have fallen asleep during this game and really not missed anything.  I figure it was a bit too confusing for people, but some people could be really astute when it came to this game and done better at it.

Well that wraps up this years The Price Is Wrong month and ends all Price Is Right Inductions for this year.  I hope....


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