#165 - Top 5 Reasons Why The New Price Is Right Failed.
A tribute to the short lived Doug Davidson version.


Syndication (September 1994 - January 1995)
Text by: Robert Seidelman

I love the 1994 version of The New Price Is Right.  Even as a kid, I'd go home from Sumner Elementary on that long bus ride and sit down in front of the TV and watch The New Price Is Right on KIRO 7 at 4:30pm.  So when January came and I moved to Tacoma, it wasn't on the air anymore.  I wondered why?  Well, let's go to Youtube and watch some television.

My top five may not be your top five.  I'd love to hear what your top five is.  E-mail us at sigmafan2@msn.com to give us your top five reasons why The New Price Is Right failed and in a few months if there is enough response, we'll combine them to make a Fans Top Five video.

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