Induction #255 - The Fall Of HQ
2018-2019 Patrick Wayne Award Winner

Quiz App (2017 - Present)

Here it is: the final induction. HQ started in 2017 and was seen as a harbringer of a brand new style and era of interactive game shows. But when we got into 2019, things started to fall apart for the little app that could. So much so that the voters dubbed it the worst thing in game shows this year. I admit that I am totally out of my depth and thus have brought in Jessica Brand, my Gumbocast Cohost to help out. In this video, we talk about the problems that plagued the game this year, including the host carousel, the format changes, the microtransactions that helped lower payouts, not paying the winners, among other things that took the app from being great to bringing in its downfall.

After 10 years, this marks the end of Game Show Garbage. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped out throughout the years whether it be helping out with inductions or with commentaries or with new parts of the site. Those people being the late Jim Williams, Andrew Hersh, Mike Klauss, Cornshaq, Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret, Hardcore Kid, Kim Justice, Seth Drakin, our benevolent webmaster Carl Chenier, Abby McMillan, Lonness Valenna, Garrett Seidelman, Kyle Joyner, Raymond Gallant, Wences Acosta, James Fabiano, Brian Henegar, Jordan Hass and Jessica Brand. If I forgot your name, I apologize but I know there are more than that I have worked with in the past.

I also want to thank everyone that has visited the site, read a commentary or watched an induction on the YouTube Channel. I thank you for your support and your kindness, even if you didn't like the material that I put out.  I will still be around with Game Show Gumbo and The Gumbocast. So if you want to be abreast of all of that stuff, follow me on twitter with my handle being @gameshowgumbo and subscribe to us on YouTube at and I hope to see everyone soon! Goodbye everyone!

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