#49: Laurie Dotson
420!, 420!, 420!, 420!, 420!

CBS: (October 21, 2010)
Written by: Jim Williams

*Normally, we don't do this sort of thing, but after being inundated in a few spots with this, we figured this was too good to be a dumb answer of the week.  So, here it is as an Instant Induction.  So now, Here's Jim Williams.
~ Robert Seidelman*

The Price is Right is an American institution.  But on Thursday, October 21st, we were once again reminded that some of the show's contestants need to be sent to an institution. 

Say hello to Laurie.

"Thanks for buying the glasses at the gift shop." - Drew Carey

She was called on down before the 2nd item up for bids (IUFB).  On the surface she seems like exactly what a contestant coordinator is looking for: energetic, full of life, and youthful.  Then, we get to the IUFB.

She's bidding on some outdoor camping equipment consisting of a few chairs, sleeping bags, and other assorted odds and ends.

Laurie starts the bidding as the newcomer and bids...

"420, DREW!" 

Everyone gets a chuckle out of it, and Drew has a little fun with it too.

"I just want to bid 420, that's all I wanna do." 

The actual retail price (ARP) was $684, and the contestant to her right (your left) won her way on stage.

So, if you're keeping score it's

The next IUFB is a washer and dryer.  She's second for bidding this time around, so maybe she'll get a hint from the bid that precedes her.  After hearing a sensible bid of $949, Laurie bids... 

"420, DREW!"

Oh boy.  I spot a trend.  After all the bids were in, Drew playfully stated, "Kelly's going to bid 420 'til she gets it right, I tell ya!"  Wrong contestant, Drew, but I won't hold it against you unlike a certain GOLDEN fanboi group down the ROAD on the interNET.  Oops, did that slip out?

The ARP for a washer and dryer, if you're scoring at home is $1628.

The next IUFB is a ladies blazer and accessories.  New contestant Steven Urkel starts the bidding.  No, really, the guy's name is Steven Urkel.  And you'll see what he looks like to Laurie's left (your right) in a second.  Laurie is last to bid, putting her in an advantageous position...an advantageous position to bid...


"I give up."

Well said, Jeff Davis.  ARP: $2815.

We'll speed things up a bit, because you know what's coming.  The next IUFB is 3 pairs of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Laurie bids...

"420, DREW!"

Thank you, Afroman.  ARP: $670

The last IUFB was a crystal stemware set, and take a guess what she bid.  I dare you.  I DARE YOU!

"420, DREW!"

Thank you, Rob Van Dam.  ARP: $2220 


So, Laurie gets her 15 minutes of infamy by becoming "420 girl", and for her "efforts" she wins a floor lamp & a cookware set from the land of parting gifts.

In fairness, most of the blame for this falls on the shoulder of whoever served as contestant coordinator that day.  For what it's worth, I have a feeling Laurie is a single lady.  And that's actually kind of sad.  Is there anyone in this world that would jump at the chance to go on a date with Laurie?

I'd say my work here is done.

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