#53: Hidden Agenda
TDysfunctional Couples, a Horrid Hostess & No Play Along Factor??? WHY????????

GSN: (January 2010 - March 2010)

GSN in the year 2010 has it's ups and downs.  I mean, quite literally.  2009 was a decent year, but was marred by two big-budgeted failures in the 2009 Game Show Awards & Big Saturday Night.  Big Saturday Night was worse because it also brought down two good shows in 20Q and The Money List.  In 2010, GSN tried to rebound from it.  The way they started to rebound in 2010 gave way to two more of their biggest failures.  The first one, Carnie Wilson: Unbearable caused so much harm and foul that Carnie up and quit GSN and is currently suing GSN for back wages that she wasn't given for the show.  I mean, the only good thing about that show is Diamond Dallas Page verbally telling Carnie off about her not following a basic exercise program that he set up & telling her to pretty much F-Off.

Now while that show was bad, this show was much, much worse.  How bad you ask?  Well, you got Michael Davies, who's brain must have been in a permanent off-position ever since 2006 when he revived Chain Reaction with the blandest host this side of Pat Bullard.  He pitches to GSN, "I got a great idea for a show.  We're going to use the hidden camera format & make it into some sort of couples therapy.  The wife has a problem with her husband.  So, in order to get him cleaned up and stop acting like a pillock, we're going to make him do all sorts of stupid stunts in order to earn money for his wife.  Not only that, we also have a crackerjack of a host, who is probably going to be the next Betty White & it's so good, that the audience at home will laugh at everything on the screen."

GSN, in their infinite wisdom said, "We'll take 8 episodes, here's your budget."

And now, the torture that was Hidden Agenda.

The host for this show, the crackerjack that was going to be the next Betty White...


No, that's not Pat Bullard in drag, even though that would be a major hosting improvement.  Her name is Debi Gutierrez.  She's mainly known for being a comedienne who's specialty is her life as a mother.  To be fair, she sucks there too.  I sat through a few videos of her supposed material that instead of making me laugh, it made me want to have a vasectomy so I wouldn't be a father.  It also doesn't do her much favors that she doesn't really know what the hell to do.  She stumbles on the simplest of tasks & isn't worth watching. 

I should get to the premise of the game, if you can really call it a game.  Quite simply, the wife has to humiliate her scumbag of a husband by getting him to do stuff that he doesn't want to do.  In this case, get to be somewhat gentlemanly and use his manners.  For instance, he has to watch this Mr. Manners DVD and be somewhat gentlemanly by putting on a dinner jacket, setting the table, drinking with his pinky out & doing the dishes.  And I thought Hold Everything! had a vapid format.  This pretty much has no format.

What makes it even more unappealing is that not only is there no gameplay to follow along with, you have two family stooges there to see what else is going on and supposedly laugh along with us.  They give some comments on the goings on and somehow this is even worse than what's going onscreen.  It's just one big failure after another.

What makes it even more demeaning is that most of the time in order to get the husband to do anything in this game, without suspicion of course because if they don't do the tasks, the wife gets no money whatsoever, the wife gets the husband a bit liquored up.  What makes this even more sickening, is that the host actually encourages this behavior in order to win the money.  That, my friends is an all-time low in game shows.  If you can't get your louse of a husband to do the slightest decent thing in his life, get him blitzed with various alcoholic drinks.  Yeah, that's a great message to send out there to the wives that are having problematic relationships: Liquor up your husband or mate and you can get him to do anything. 

At the end of the show, some "actors" including a family member, gets involved in the act and tries to get the lazy bum of a husband to do more stupid stunts for more money.  Yes, because there isn't enough stupidity floating around this show.  Anyways, it's the same thing, the husband does them or he doesn't.

Then Debi comes out, wait...Debi is in the house...


makes the contestants feel even more stupid for signing up for this show & the credits roll and this show never sees the light of day again.


It's not bad in the little things that make it bad sense.  It's bad in the GOOD GOD, KILL IT WITH AN H-BOMB!!!!! sense.  The hosting is beyond terrible, the gameplay is completely non-existent, the couples are completely tasteless, tactless & unworthy of even being on The Newlywed Game & probably the most disgusting part of it all is the blatant use of alcohol.  Thankfully, the viewers of GSN turned off any notion of this show being a success after a couple episodes.  Ratings of this show were so bad that McEnroe would have beaten it in the ratings.  Yes, on average, it got around 50,000 viewers during its run.  I would imagine that the last episode got about 10 viewers, and that's just Debi and her family.  May this show never be brought up again.

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