#12: Frog & Alligator
Along With Regular Brand of Gasoline & Snow

Family Feud: 1977

Family Feud is one of those shows that works in every era.  It worked in the 70s, 80s, 90s and even today, where it's currently hosted by Steve Harvey.  Now, while the set has changed quite a bit, the hosts have changed from Dawson, to Combs, back to Dawson, to Anderson, to Karn, to O'Hurley and finally with Harvey, one thing has stayed the same: stupid contestants.

Now, while some families are brought on for their personality, they can usually play the game.  Other times, they are brought on and can't play the game.  But then you also get the families who know how to play the game, and then sometimes have memorable lapses in judgment.  One of those families was the York family.

Now, they look like a normal family ready to play the game.  And they have been playing for a little while, being the returning champions in this encounter.  They've won 2 games and a tad over $2,000 so far.  So, they haven't quite hit it yet. Now before today, they've played well, but with one notable lapse in judgment so far.  On the prior episode, they were asked this question: "Name something Russia is famous for"?  

"Wheat?"  Yes, because I always buy my wheat from the St. Petersburg markets.  Now if that wasn't bad enough.  Bob uttered this gem.

"Russians."  Words escape me for trying to comprehend that one. 

Now with that little piece of history out of the way, we get to their third fast money.  Now, they've gotten closer each time.  The rules are simple.  2 people and 5 survey questions.  Try to get 200 to win the money.  So, we get Bob Jr. and Bob Sr. on the mark.  Bob Sr. is in the booth, so Bob Jr. starts us off.  The first question he gets asked is this one:

"Name an animal with three letters in its name."  Bob Jr. responds with..."Frog."  From there, it gets worse.  Here's what he said. for the rest of them.

"Something found in the refrigerator." "Milk." A respectable answer.
"A brand of Gasoline."  "Regular"  That's not a brand, that's a type.
"Something that comes with a summer storm." "Snow"......Words escape me again.
"A Sport with an all star game" BZZZZZZ!

So, time ran out before that one, and knowing him, he'd say bowling or something like that.  He takes a look at the board and is immediately embarrassed.

Yeah, this isn't gonna bode well for Bob Jr.  So, let's go with the amounts they got.  Or actually, I'm going to show you the board right now.  I think it's obvious the amount of points Frog, Regular and Snow got. 

And Milk got 28.  So, he ends with 28 points.  A really challenging feat for anybody.  So now it's up to Bob Sr. to get the remaining 172. 

Bob gets the news and he wants to get out of here and probably get on The Joker's Wild instead.  But Richard manages to get him back on the mark and gets him ready to play his half.  Surely it can't be as bad as Bob Jr.'s round.  Well, let's find out.

"Name an animal with three letters in its name" and without hesitation Bob Sr. says...ALLIGATOR!  I was wrong, it got worse.  But we still have 4 left.  Let's get his answers.

"Something found in the refrigerator." "Milk." (repeat) "Ice" A respectable answer.
"A brand of Gasoline."  "Ethyl." Once again, that's not a brand, that's a type.  So, it's already worse.
"Something that comes with a summer storm." "Rain"  That's a fine answer.
"A Sport with an all star game" BZZZZZZ! "Football".  They have the Pro Bowl, and it makes sense.

So, with that taken care of, let's go to the board and check out his answers starting with...ALLIGATOR!

And as you can see, it got zip.  And after some laughing from the crowd, Richard made the quip. "You don't use narcotics do you Bob?"  Because that was a disastrous answer, like frog.  Ironically, Dog was the #1 Answer.  Then we got to the Ice answer, which netted them 17.  Next up was Bob Sr. with his Ethyl brand of Gasoline.  To which Richard quipped, "which you've probably been drinking."  To more laughter from the crowd, and of course that netted zero.

So, we're 8 down and only 2 have gotten scores higher than 1.  We're really cooking with Regular Brand Gasoline now.  Next up was "something that comes with a Summer Storm"  After they reflect on what was probably one of the worst answers ever given for fast money, Richard brings up Rain.  A respectable answer which nets 9.  Then finally, Richard allowed the late answer of Football to go through.

Which nets them 29 for a total of 83.  Which amazed Richard.  He thought that they'd get less than 83.  And honestly, I did too after the Ethyl answer.  So, that equates to $5 a point...

Meaning they get $415 for their efforts, bringing their total to about $2,800 or so.

Now, what made this horrible was the sheer brutality in the answers given, and the merry meltdown that happened.  It may have been horrible, but I admit.  Anytime when I feel down, I'll look up this clip on Youtube and laugh my butt off while watching this.  It's one of those moments where it's so bad that it's quite good.

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