#222: The Krypton Factor: The 1995 Series
Krypton Factor's Lowest Note in the UK OR How Not To Modernize A Classic


ITV: (August 28th, 1995 - November 20th, 1995)

The Krypton Factor was struggling in the early 90s, thanks to shows that were either a little more physical than it i.e. Gladiators or shows that were a lot more futuristic than they were i.e. The Crystal Maze. So, on August 28th of 1995, the 18th series was unleashed and it was a horrific emalgamation of Krypton Factor, The Eliminator from Gladiators, and the Donnymid set.  So, here is the lowest point in the entire history of the Krypton Factor's UK run.


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