#21: Tic Tac Dough '90 Raps
Take The Dragon, Make Him Rap, Everyone Knows That It's Just Crap

Syndication: (1990)

There are not many moments in game shows that make you just want to shake your head in shame. 

This is one of those moments.

In 1990, Tic Tac Dough was revived.  It's host, Patrick Wayne was, in a word, horrible.  Well, I've already inducted him, so you already know about him.  But there was more than that one reason for the show's demise.  Sure people can point out that it got poor timeslots in some places across the country, but there are better reasons out there.  Like when someone got the bright idea of, "Let's make the dragon hip.  Let's make him rap when the bonus game is played."

The rest, as they say, is history.

When the show debuted, when the dragon came out, the dragon roared ferociously, like so.      

    Dragon Roaring

When the Dragon Slayer came out right after the dragon, it played a nice heroic tune, like so.       

  Dragon Slayer

But then a couple of months later, it all changed, when one episode had Patrick Wayne saying this...

"In One of these boxes is a RAPPING DRAGON."

Oh god.

Don't do, Can't do Won't do.  If you do, you'll be through."

Wow.  That is lame.  But, then Patrick utters this.

"And in another box is a RAPPING DRAGON SLAYER"

Oh no.

"Say Yay, say Hoorah....Dragon Slayer, I'll double Your pay

My god.  that sounds whiter than me.  But there's worse ones.

You can play good, or you can play...Got to be Gone

See, but the Dragon Slayer has worse ones as well

Float like a butterfly....You gotta find me.

He quoted Mohammad Ali.  Dear god, I've had enough.  And tons of people had enough of the horrid raps as this run ended in March of 1991. 

The rapping Dragon and Dragon Slayer went down in game show history as one of the biggest mock-umental things in the show's history.  Either way, I'm all rapped out.  Let's just hope this doesn't happen again anytime soon in game shows, I can't stand horrible rapping in game shows.

I hate my life.

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