#215: Win, Lose or Draw - The Robb Weller Season
What happens when you purposefully break a fully functioning show


Syndication: (September 1989 - June 3rd, 1990)

Debuting in September of 1987; Win, Lose or Draw was a great hit for syndication and NBC.  Both runs ran concurrently and both are still fondly remembered.  But then in 1989, things changed for the franchise.  While Disney would add Teen Win, Lose or Draw in April of 1989, marking 3 versions of the show being ran at the same time, it would be short-lived as the NBC version would be axed due to reasons and Bert left to do 3rd Degree! What happened after that would mark one of the biggest downgrades in game show history. I present to you The Games Of '90 of Win, Lose or Draw.


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