#67: Horrible Karn Feud Answers Part 1
Answers That Won't Strike First Blood

Syndication: (September 2002 - September 2006)

Family Feud is a show that has a rare, "Evergreen" format.  Being that we can have the show 25-30 years from now and it'd still come up with great things.  A pantheon of hosts have done the show, starting with Richard Dawson, then Ray Combs, Back to Dawson, then Louie Anderson for 3 years, then Richard Karn for 4 years, John O'Hurley and recently Steve Harvey.  The version of the show that seems to get more play for bad answers lately is the Steve Harvey version, especially the infamous "NEKKID GRANDMA!" answer or Secily blurting out Penis during fast money.

However, you can find a treasure trove of patheticness in the Richard Karn era.  It was during that time that the show didn't have the star power that Louie Anderson had, or the return to the classic set look that John O'Hurley had or the comedic timing that Steve Harvey has in spades.  But Richard Karn was a capable host.  I enjoyed his work, even though it came off as mediocre sometimes.  He still had the enthusiasm that Louie lacked in his last season, but what can you do.  So, let's take a look at some of the really bad answers that came from this version.

Let's start in his last season, where the set looked like a Mexican Restaurant somewhat and this woman by the name of Maily Hyunh.  She was just asked the question, "Tell me one fact about John Lennon."  The #1 being revealed already was that he was a member of the Beatles and a damned good one at that.  It immediately gets to her and she spouts off.

"He's...still alive."

Which prompts this look from Richard Karn.  Personally, it sums it all up.  I mean, we have a body, it's in the ground, we had the funeral, the killer is behind bars for life.  She tried to plead her case, but to no avail.

Especially when Karn tried to cover for her saying that, "In our hearts.  In our hearts, he'll always be alive."  Which is the truth though.  So, knowing that it's got no shot in hell at being on the board, he barely says, "He's still alive."

And we all knew that was going to happen.  The funniest thing out of all of this, that when there were two strikes on the board, the captain Chi said that he was killed.  So, even the head of her own family knew that it was a pathetic answer.

So now we know what we're going to be in for when we get to lame answers for this run of Family Feud.  Let's move on to an earlier episode and a more memorable bad answer with this one from 2002.

Here is Kevin "Kickback" Streeter.  He gets up to the podium for the question, "Name something that London is famous for."  He gets up there and buzzes in with...

"Bridge".  Which is a great answer.  Because of London Bridge.

And he's right.  But then it gets back to him with two strikes and a couple answers left on the board, especially the number 1 answer.  You'd think he'd come up with a good one, but....

"I'm thinking Pasta." ......Wow.

Karn just looks at him and nods.  Herman at the end was putting over his answer like it was the greatest answer in all of Family Feud history.  Karn then tells some story about him going to little italy in Lester Square...or was it Chinatown as he says.  Then he calls for the "Famous, LONDON PASTA!"

Or as Gordon Ramsay would say, YOU DONKEY! 

Now if you thought that was bad, we got another one in the last round of this game.  Let's meet up with Kickback's partner in the game, Chenique.  Now, back in 2002 in Karn's first season, it followed the Anderson format being 3 Single Rounds and 1 Triple Round with 1 Strike in that one and most points after that round wins.  She gets asked the question, Name Something the Flintstones had that was made of Rock.  She needed to have this answer be on the board, otherwise the game was over.  So, she comes up with...


Thank you High.

Seeing how Pebbles was made out of FLESH AND BONE and not rock.  She would then try to explain it by going with...

"Pebbles Berets in her hair."

Man, 2 in quick succession.  Mainly because Pebbles had a BONE in her hair and not Rocks.  However it's clear to see that Chenique has rocks in her head.  Richard doesn't even try to defend her, mainly because he knows all too well that it's a bad answer.  So to add to the hilarity he calls for...


And that seals their fate.

So, we had John Lennon still alive, London Pasta and Pebbles being made out of....Pebbles.  So we get to an entire family's worth of blunders.

Meet the Currie Family.  They're a good wholesome bunch of players.  They have some points on the board and the youngest member of the team, Jeffery, gets up there to the podium to hear the question... Name someone famous with the first name of Michael." His opponent goes with Michael J. Fox and that's only #5 on the board.  He comes up with...

Michael Jackson.

BAM!  He decides to play and here comes Mark with his answer...

Michael Douglas.

Another good one.  Great in The American President and both Wall Street movies.  Then just as we think we may have a good roll going, we head to Michelle where she utters....

"Michael Angelo"

Now, don't get me wrong, but isn't that his entire name....Michaelangelo? 

Yeah, I thought so.

Then we get  to Maneva and what she thinks is a good answer...

Michael Thomas?

I thought it was PHILIP Michael Thomas of Miami Vice fame. 

Yeah, I figured as much.  We end with something that ties this moment and the London Pasta moment together with Yamina saying....

Michael London.

"To be perfectly clear, it's LANDON!  Not London, LANDON!"

And the board agrees.

It's hard to figure out how to end these types of inductions.  Since I'll more than likely be back with another bunch of bad Karn Feud answers a few months from now, or maybe a bad fast money from this era, who knows. 

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