#103: Ghouls of TPIR Halloween 2009
Scarier than your average horrible bidder


CBS: (October 30th, 2009)

Despite what people might think, I honestly think that with the regime change that happened in 2007, The Price Is Right went from being a staid affair with Bob, Fingers, Dobkowitz, Fields among others to a more exciting atmosphere with Drew, the models, Mike Richards, Fields, DiPirro and now George Gray.  So, instead of treating everything like it was just another show, they made certain days really special.  For 2009, they really went all out and had a Halloween special with the crew dressing up as their favorites from the show itself.

Starting up with Drew coming out as The Yodely Guy from Cliffhangers.  And in other fashion, Rich was the Big Wheel, and the models were The Plinko Chip, Range Game and Grocery Game.  It sounded like it was going to be a great show, with tons of prizes being given away and others just having a good time.  While it did look like the audience was having a great time....the contestants looked like they had their brains sucked out by Zombies. 

Now, the first half was ok in the terms of the losses.  Triple Play is supposed to be one of the hardest games in the rotation, and Range Game was a bit evil (Thanks, Fingers).  I kinda felt sorry for the person playing Grocery Game, since I didn't know a 18 pack of eggs could cost $4.  But once the clock struck 10:30, the ghouls came out and the show just dove into the grave head first.

Our first contestant is Dawn.  She's dressed up as....Bubble Gum on the bottom of a shoe.  That's like something that'd be on Catchphrase instead of a halloween costume.  Seeing as how she's Drew-licious.  If it's 2007, she'd be chewing Hobba Bobba.

  But anyways, she's playing Double Prices for a pair of motorcycles.  Drew points out that her boyfriend rides motorcycles, so it should be perfect.  She had prices of $8,495 and $7,998.  Now the obvious choice is that since it's a pair of something, the last number should be an even number, like an 8.  So what does she do, with the egging on of her boyfriend?

"I'm going with the 8" 

Welp, she thinks that 2 of something ends with a 5.....

And she was wrong.  So she just moves on with the wheel, which is what Rich Fields was dressed up as in this episode.  And as her boyfriend was riding home one day....

"Hey Danny!  Better not bid and drive!"

Something tells me that I'll be making a few more Nightmare on Elm Street 5 References.  But let's move on.  After playing Double Prices we move on to our next contestant.

Jennifer is our next ghoul and here she is dressed up as a country bumpkin, complete with overalls and whatnot.  If this was 35 years ago, I'd have hired her to be on Hee-Haw Honeys as a background character.  But since this is 2009, and that style of comedy is now considered not politically correct and only funny on CMT, we might as well just have her play for this....


And she plays Cliffhangers for said car.  I'm going to jump ahead to the end.  She's gotten to the last item and has 19 steps to play with.  She is in really great shape for the last one and it looks like we're gonna actually have a winner this time around.  So she looks at her last item, which is a cauldron, which lights up and actually can bubble and be a fog machine of sorts.  Since the last two were $20 and $30 respectively, having such a range, I'd simply say $35, just to have all my bases covered.  But what does Roy Clark's granddaughter say?

"$17 dollars."

She's probably thinking it's only $35 or something like that.  Can I fault her?  Yes.  Because it's a part fog machine and fog machines in their smaller state go for at least $40.  So what happens to the Yodely Guy?

Well, like last years induction he went over the cliff.  She wound up over the cliff, blowing a golden chance at the car.  I could have forgiven her if she did say $30.  Because with 19 steps, it would have at least covered all but the furthest away of the bases.  So the car goes back to the lot, and as for her and her stance....

Yes, like Greta, she completely choked this one away.  Bon Appétit, Bitch!  As a personal note, this has to be Freddy's most brutal kill.  Feeding someone their own innards until they choke to death?  Man, I'm impressed.  Anyways, neither one of these people made it to the showcase. 

We turn to the showcases and Derek, who was the top winner of the entire show, winning $10,100 on Plinko.  Joining him alongside this was Loretta, who fell victim to Range Game.  Derek gets first crack at the first showcase...

Which is a trip showcase featuring a trip to the Gravedigger's Ball in Charlotte, North Carolina...

...a Witch Trial Tour in Salem, Massachusetts.

and finally, a trip to London, England for some Jack The Ripper stuff.  Derek passes it to Loretta.  And after some thought, she decided that her showcase was worth...

$4,200.  That would have been a good bid, if this was 1974, not 2009.  But anyways, if Derek would just pay attention and make just a decent bid, he'd be the big winner of the day.  Anyways, now we get to his showcase, knowing that it'll continue the horror theme.  So for Derek, he gets...

A home theater, with 3 theater seats, 47" LCD TV, Blu-Ray Theater system, 120GB iPod Classic....

A set of classic horror movies, such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, among other greats and....

A Chevorlet HHR that looks like a hearse.  A fantastic showcase.  If he goes at least $20-25k, he's got this made.  So, what does our "Phantom Prowler" think its worth?

"$4,200 Drew".

You gotta be kidding.  This type of bidding is just borderline insanity/maniacal.  Either way, the crowd groaned when they heard his bid.  They know for a fact that Loretta has already won her showcase since those three trips aren't more than his car.  So anyways, let's just get this over with.

Loretta, looking stupid with her $4,200 bid wound up being under by over $15,000.  So if the Chevy HHR is only $18,000, then he'll win.  But like Mark in Nightmare On Elm Street 5, thinking he's won.  Runs into Super Freddy and finds out that his showcase is worth.....

Over $27,000 putting him under $23,000 and Loretta walks away with around $20k in prizes.  As for the prowler, I got only one thing to say to him.

"Told ya.  Moronic bidding was Bad for ya!"

And with that we end the show that could have been called "A Nightmare on Beverly Boulevard".  Some guys got unlucky, but most of the show had terrible bids, stupid contestants, and personally, seeing Drew in lederhosen kinda makes me wish Krueger would stab my eyeballs out, or just suck me into my bed and have 10,000 gallons of blood flow from out of it.  Now, that's not to say the show itself is interesting.  The costumes worn by Rich, the models and Drew were interesting to say the least.  And at least the first half had excitement, even if the games were lost.  Either way, just some horrible bidding torpedoed what could have been a fun special. 

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