#118 - Phil Moore
Pie-yow! I'm a host who can't be good, because I'm going to be annoying throughout your childhood!


Host: Nick Arcade (January 1992 - September 1993)
Nick All-Star Challenge (Special from 1994)
You're On (September 1998 - September 1999)

I don't know how to start this except for one thing.  If you've watched Nickelodeon at any time during the 1990s, odds are you've seen Phil Moore as host of Nick Arcade or You're On, if you watched Nickelodeon during the late 1990s.  You might remember him mainly for his god-awful rhymes in Nick Arcade when they have the video challenge or they start round two.  If you're from the newer school, you saw him acting like the biggest tool when he was hosting the second worst Hidden Camera Game Show of all time (Hidden Agenda because of its repulsiveness of contestants gets the nod for worst.).  So, I think it's time to give him the induction he so rightfully deserves.  It's time to roast the living crap out of this annoying bastage.

Here's a question.  What show did Phil Moore work for to get his foot in the door when it comes to game shows?

The Answer: He was a warm-up guy for the classic MTV game show, Remote Control.   You figured he'd learn something from a show dedicated to TV, especially how to be funny.  Apparently, he got more groans than laughs from the audience and wasn't brought back to help warm up crowds when the show moved back to New York after the lone Florida season. 

Yet somehow, he felt compelled to host a game show after that experience, probably thinking that his shows would be better than Remote Control.  So he got his first hosting gig in 1992 in the video game show called Nick Arcade.


Here, Phil proved exactly the opposite to what he attempted.  Instead of being better than he was during his warm-up days at Remote Control, he proved to everyone that he could host worse than he could tell jokes.  When he came out from the big doors of the video zone, which admittedly looked great, he would run out and in a faux-excited voice would yell out "THANK YOU ANDREA!" and go on with his spiel.  Immediately there, you knew we were in trouble. 

Throughout the episode, he would prove that his horrible lisp would make us feel much less for him when he goes through his routine of terrible singing when they go to the Video Challenge area, back to the main playing area, or whenever a video puzzle comes off, spending way too much time on him and not on the contestants or the game itself, trying to get himself over more than the show itself.  This is a direct violation of the prime directive of all game show hosts: You Are a Conduit, and you keep the game show moving.  The game itself is slow, but with his antics makes it even the more slower, making it unbearable to watch and having the contestants only move 4-5 times in a round.  This was fixed later on when the game was sped up a tad, but during its last days, Phil overloaded on his singing, lame jokes and became even more unbearable to watch.

Another lame part about him was that he would constantly talk over the game play during the video challenges.  This part could be equated to the physical challenges on Double Dare.  But here's the problem.  Marc's commentary during said challenges were short, to the point and helped the viewers know what was going on and give encouragement to the kids.  Phil's on the other hand were long-winded and often contributed nothing.  That's his biggest problem.  He made the show about him and not about the contestants or the video games being played.

When he got to the bonus round, he got better.  At least he clearly knew what was going on and could explain it.  Sadly, this is his only high point of the show.  All I have to do is reference the Nadine induction to prove that he actually could have been a good host, but the rest of his schtick brought him down faster than the sale of the PS Vita.

Now, this wouldn't be his only hosting job, since the show lasted in reruns up until 1996 when Figure It Out came on the air, along with Global Guts, thus making the show expendable.  So, he would be a panelist on Figure It Out and be kept fresh in the mind of the viewing public.  Thus landing him a job on a show worse than Nick Arcade, and that would be You're On.

Here, he would once and forever prove again....that he is absolutely annoying and abysmal, even when he's only doing minimal work hosting.  Here, all Phil has to do is read copy from the monitor and play cool with the audience and those who were playing in the big Runaround for the two other games that take place.  Here in this picture, you see him goofing around with the audience, freaking out the little kids and adults in the process.  I guess that's what happens when you get older and instead of being a crazy kids host, it comes off as creepy sometimes. 

When it comes to the Big Runaround, there really isn't much to say, except that he just gets the people hyped up about it all and needless to say, there isn't much excitement about watching two contestants do things that were pre-taped weeks in advance more than the in-studio segments.  I'm just thankful that he wasn't there doing the pre-tapes.  You can look at the You're On Induction to read all about that.  You're On never caught on at all and didn't last past the original season it was on the air, due to being incredibly tedious to watch and having no play along factor at all.  The only highlight of this show was Phil's cousin and the two outside hosts in Vivianne Collins and Travis White giving Phil a taste of his own medicine.

And that's all for Phil's hosting career.  I could have mentioned his role as host on Nick's All Star Challenge, but he was flanked by far superior hosts in Mike O'Malley, Robin Marella and Olmec aka Dee Baker, so his presence was minimalized.  But at the end of the day, Phil was no more than a overly hyper, inept lunatic of a host.  He's the type of host that spawned Nick Spano and other horrible hosts from that era of Kids game shows when it was at its utter apex in the early 90s.  Now you're asking yourself, who was it that gave this schmuck the rub to get him onto our screens?


There's one thing I hate to do, and that's call a real television legend onto the carpet.  But, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!  I know this goes up there with Jim Lange telling Patrick Wayne that he'd make a great game show host, but this is equally bad. Dick holds ungodly powers in the world of television, so this is one of his few misfires in his great career.  The story is that when Phil was doing the warm-ups for the 1990 incarnation of Let's Make A Deal, Dick Clark came out and gave him the rub so to speak by telling the audience that he did a great job.  Ugh, Should have wished the Challengers was taping that day.  That gave Phil the drive to host his own show, thus he got the Nick Arcade gig.  He'd continue to annoy the little kids into the new millennium with Nick Arcade and You're On being reran to death on Nick GAS and the show Aqua Kids before being replaced in 2011.  It should be noted that this guy...In 2002 WON A FREAKING EMMY FOR HOSTING AQUA KIDS!  Proof positive that the best hosts fall through the cracks, but the annoying lameoids continue to prosper throughout eternity. 

I hate my life sometimes.

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