Induction #262 - ESPN Dream League
Fantasy Football, Baseball, Basketball & Golf if it were twisted like it was ran by Ruxin from The League


ESPN: (February 1st - May 27th,1993 & September 1st, 1993 – September 29th, 1994)
Text by Cyndi Seidelman

Before all the Embrace Debate that permeated the ESPN airwaves, it had a bunch of miscelaneous sports programming. Some of it really good, some of it actual sports and some of it pretty awful. Since we're not talking about Sports on Tap or the World's Strongest Man competitions, we're talking about something awful. Dream League was a quiz/physical challenge show which featured two armchair quarterbacks teaming up with a premiere athlete against another batch of bleacher bums and a sports star in a game of knowledge and pretending you're actually good at a sport. The video below has more.

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