Induction #240 - Wait Til You Have Kids
The Second Big Example of Why You Background Check Everyone On A Game Show.


Family Channel: (September 30, 1996 - January 31st, 1997)

This is the first video of the 2018-2019 arc for Game Show Garbage: The Worst Of The Family Channel, where we will be highlighting no less than 3 of the channel's worst examples when it comes to game shows. We start off with one of the four game shows that premiered on September 30th, 1996 and the one with the worst premise. Take three couples and give them dilemmas about raising a child and having the answers being given by a "child psychologist" least for the first 40 episodes. I give you Wait Til You Have Kids.

Ignore the 2nd graphic during the end credits, I forgot to add the pithy line regarding the December induction of The Riddlers.

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