#102: Bad TPIR Bids Part 2
4 more bidders who went over on stupidity


Compilation Induction

The Price Is Right is the longest running game show on TV right now, and for good reason.  Fun games like Plinko, Dice Game, Hole in One (or Two), Cliff Hangers among others in the rotation kept viewers interested and tons of college students, families and fans from all over the world wanting to go to The Bob Barker Studio and win some prizes, cash and spin the big wheel. 

But since this is Game Show Garbage, we don't focus on the happy.  We focus on the bad, terrible and in this case, the contestants who have a case of the stupid at the worst possible time.  So, as we did two years ago, let's take a look at our first contestant who fell to the malady of "bidderus dumbnessus".


Lavon is our first contestant on this induction.  At this time, she was a Staff Sergeant in the Marines and she was going to play for this......

A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


And all she has to do is win Lucky Seven. I love the old look of the game a bit more than the stylistic version that we have now. Anyways, now I know what you're thinking. It's Lucky Seven, and I remember the last time you did this. she blew it all on the first number.

Yeah, thank goodness for Jim's DAOTW stash. Anyways, it's at the end of the game where the stupidity flows.


She has done the unimaginable and has all but the last number revealed, and still have all 7 of her $1 bills left. All she has to do is say any number between 3-6 and she would have automatically won the car, since the biggest stretch would have been 6 + 1 for the car. So what does she do?


That's right Zack Ryder. She was serious....

  She had the car in her back pocket, but instead gets the honor of having the still shot of her looking dejected and all that.  Bob called it "The Biggest Disappointment In The History of The Price Is Right".  While that might be a stretch, it does rank up there.  And this was when he wasn't on autopilot for the last 3 or so years of the show when he was hosting.


And that's how she should feel after blowing it harder than the Chicago Cubs have been doing since 1908.

So now that we're back on form with what we did last year.  How about we skip forward a couple of years.  It was 1987 and the show just went through its first major change in the death of Johnny Olson and Rod Roddy is now assuming the announcer position and the big tag went through a futuristic change.  What hasn't changed is the contestants as we see our next one.


Her name is Jacqueline. And she's about to get the shock of her life as she's about to play for.... 



And now she's playing One Away.  Now you're thinking that since she's playing for a Lincoln Mark 7, she'd know that it's more than $20,000.  So the first number to change should be a given.  It needs to be changed to a three, but does she?


Nope.  Instead she changes it to a 1 and the rest of the numbers to make the car worth $12,751.  Now I'm no car expert, but I know for a fact that Lincolns don't cost no $12,000.  So we might be in for some problems here as she asked if she got one number right.


Gentlemen, do I have at least one number right?



And Bob is shocked that she got not one number right.  The odds in the game of a contestant to at least get one right are so well in their favor that the 2nd part of the game is always played.  But to see someone flame out so spectacularly is a sight to behold.  Bob then points out the real price of $30,973.

Then in one of the funnier moments of the show's history, an audience member yells out, "GIVE IT TO HER!" Bob then quips "I'M ABOUT AS APT TO GIVE IT TO HER AS I AM TO GIVE HER MY HOUSE!"  Still a very funny way to end a very sad playing of the game.

Now as much as I wanted to do another Cliffhangers one here, the one I did find was from the Doug Davidson version, but it's just the end piece, so I don't have the contestants name nor do I have enough footage to do the thing justice. Once I do, it'll be up on this site for Bad TPIR Bidders 3. The Reason: Doug really sold on how she had a shot and didn't, then some nice quips at the end helped out the hilarity. So I'm going forward to 2002 where Price is celebrating 30 Years on the air and our next contestant. 


Elizabeth is next and she's one of the lucky ones to play one of the longest running pricing games out there, is that right Rod?


That's right, Bob she's going to have a chance to win $10,000 in CASH! 

So, she's playing The Grand Game.  She has to pick out the 4 grocery items that are below..... 


$9.50. She then gets the rundown of the grocery items, such as Brut Splash-on Lotion, Garlique tablets, Absorbine Jr. Pain Relief Patch, Geritol tablets, Jungle Fever face powder & a big thing of Citracal Calcium tablets. Bob then asks her for the first pick and she goes with....


The Calcium....


Well, that's the end of that game. $10.97 and all she's won is $1. I don't know how many times this happened on the show, but it has to be one of those "historic moments" that Barker would have said it was during his last 3 years on the show. So, at the very least she's got that going for her.


Even though she's genuinely embarrassed about it. She probably spent that $1 on a candy bar or something, or gave it to a homeless person outside of the studio, probably Daniel Rosen or somebody like that.

So now we fast forward to 2008.  The show has gone through a complete transformation.  Rod passed away in 2003 and Rich Fields was given the announcer job, beating out such great announcers as Burton Richardson, Randy West and such other awful announcers as Don Bishop and Daniel Rosen.  In 2007, Bob Barker retired from the show and filling in his shoes was Drew Carey, freshly off of The Power Of 10.  Not only that, the show got a major facelift.  But even with all of that change, what hasn't changed was the fact we got this gem of a contestant.


Jason rounds out this year's batch of buffoons. On a personal front, he looks like my kinda guy. A little big, geeky and overall a cool cat. I hope he does well and wins this, What is it Rich?




So now that he sees his fate, he's gotta play Any Number for the car. He sees the first number of the price of the car being a 2. So he tries to get the 2nd number of the car by going for the 2....



Piggy bank.  He then goes for the 1.......


Piggy Bank.  He's still hoping to get that 2nd number in the car and he's got the right idea, so what does he go for next....


I must admit here, that it's still a good strategy. But what happened?


He gets $3.12 cents and becomes the first person in the shows history to fill the piggy bank first without even getting a number anywhere else besides the number at the car.  I would just say it's bad luck, but then again maybe if he did switch it up he'd get some more numbers and a better idea of what to pick.  But then again, it was a very evil setup.  Either way, for being a bad picker, he belongs here.

So that ends Part 2 of Bad TPIR Bidders.  Join us again next year for Part 3, and yes, some more Drew Carey stupid bidders will be afoot there.

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