Induction #256 - Jeopardy: The 1978 Version
This ain't April Fools. This version of Jeopardy stunk.

NBC: (October 2nd, 1978 - March 2nd, 1979)

After over a year of not making any inductions, I got lots of people asking me when Game Show Garbage was coming back. Well, I kinda trojan horsed this one in December during an episode of 26 Weeks Or Less. Back in the day I did an April Fools Induction on Jeopardy. Well, this induction is no joke as it is the worst adult version of Jeopardy to ever exist. Here is the 1978 version which decided to take a well established format and way of doing things and destroyed it, all for 5 months of a return.

I thank everyone for watching the return. We are doing inductions once every two months again because of your support and also you demanded it come back. Please come back for more!

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