#113 Chris's Big Money Fail
It makes you say, "What were you thinking!?"


ITV: (1994)

Family Fortunes is one of the most enduring shows in the UK, well that is until the show went to daytime and Les Dennis was axed in favor of relative nobody Andy Collins and relative annoyance Vernon Kay when the show was revived for the celebrity crowd.  What people mainly remember about this show are the stupid answers the contestants give.

Everybody remembers this guy and his turkey fetish, but the thing is that he actually scored some points.  However, we have someone today who scored absolutely no points whatsoever.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Chris Hooper.

Here he is with Les and he's in a perfect position.  His partner got 175 Points and 3 of the 5 top answers.  I mention the top answers because in this version, starting with the 93-94 series, a new rule was enacted for the bonus game.  The rule is that if the family gets all 5 top answers and reaches 200 points, not only do they win the big money but they also win a brand new car.  Just for edification and how to actually play it; here is his partner, Heather, playing the first round.

Name any country who participates in the Eurovision Song Contest.......England
An animal in a nursery rhyme......Cow who jumped over the moon
A Government Position.......Prime Minister
A Vegetable you chop up......Carrots
A Slang Word for child.......Kid

See, that's how you play the game.  The last 3 were the top answers, so all Chris has to do is get 25 points for the money and get the last two top answers.  This should be a slam dunk for anybody who has at least one working brain cell.  Let's see how he does.

Name any country who participates in the Eurovision Song Contest.......Luxembourg
An animal in a nursery rhyme......Andy Pandy
A Government Position.......President
A Vegetable you chop up......Leek
A Slang Word for child.......Brat

Wow.  That's pretty bad.  Even dealing with Fred and the two Bobs over here.  But this is just horrendous.  I'm really speechless on all of this.  And apparently, so was Les, who knows when to come in with a great zinger with the best of them, but in this case, he played it by the book and was sorry about his failure.  If this was Max Bygraves, he'd have laid it in thick on him.

Anyways, as you can see, five goose eggs and he's failed his family immensely. 

Yay for boneheadedness!  He whiffed on a 2 foot putt and look where it got him.  Anyways, I got nothing left on this.  It was just so breathtakingly bad, and it's best I just leave it at that. 

Well, Kids month starts up next week and boy, do I have some doozys for all of you.

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