Induction #264 - Who Wants To Be A Princess?
A fantasy storybook romance come to life in the wasteland of FOX in the early 2000s


FOX: (September 24th, 2001)
Text by Cyndi Seidelman

FOX in the Early 2000s is a goldmine of horrible television decision making. Axing Greed which was doing good ratings for shows like Wonderfalls which did half of the shows ratings. Axing Titus because of creative differences. Axing The X Files for whatever reason. Allowing Who Wants To Marry A Multimillionaire to air and insulting everyone that watched it. That last one begat Who Wants To Be A Princess. It was a sandblasted version of the original show but with actual fact-checking and Pat Bullard. By the way, this is Pat Bullard's fifth appearance on Game Show Garbage. Enjoy the trainwreck!

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