#14: The Fried Chicken Drew-Case
Col. Sanders is Rolling in his Grave

The Price Is Right: 2008

In 2007, Bob Barker decided to retire from hosting The Price is Right and a long hosting search had taken place.  The original pick was going to be CBS This Morning's Dave Price, but he completely tanked his tryout shows, so he was out.  Other hosts were tried, more notably Marc Summers, Mario Lopez & current Executive Producer Mike Richards.  In the end, it was said that Drew Carey would be the host.  Now, this was the first true game show that Drew would be hosting, (the Pepsi Play for a Billion Special doesn't count) so he was trying to get a feel for the show.  After his first year, Drew was given more control over the show.  Most notably, he would change the feel of the Showcases at the end of the show, thus the Drewcases were born.  To be fair, some of the Drewcases were quite good (the Soap Opera Showcase), some were bad (Rich's Soap & Water Rant), and yet some where quite dire.

Yeah, we're looking at you Jack Wagner.  BTW, we'll get to you later on this year.  But back to the Drewcases.

The Drewcases would normally tie in something completely random and make a showcase out of it.  The first one I remember is taking the lyrics out of the Bare-naked Ladies "One Week" and making a showcase out of them.  Then, they got weird and on October 20th, 2008, we get the baffling & quite inane Fried Chicken Drewcase.

It starts simply enough, has a few Drewcases have, where Rich would ask a question to Drew.  The first one was, "Hey Drew, you know what makes fingers look great?"  Drew promptly replies with the most out there answer this side of Howard's Buttah Answer.

"Fried Chicken!"

To which Rich replies, "Close." and describe a nice cocktail ring.  Then we get to question number 2.

"Hey Drew, you know what would make you look better on "The Price Is Right?"

"Uh, Fried Chicken."

And for the second time, Rich utters "Close" and describe a LCD TV.  Finally, Rich barely can complete his question and Drew just goes, "Yeah, Fried Chicken Fried Chicken, I got it already.  Fried Chicken." To which Rich replies, Close and describes a Dodge Charger. If you haven't figured it out yet, this showcase is revolved around Fried Chicken and Drew's hunger for said Fried Chicken.  If I hadn't of known better, Drew probably saw a bucket of KFC in the green room and said, "You know, if I just uttered Fried Chicken every time Rich asked me a question, it would be funny.  So, let's create a showcase based on that."

And sure enough, that's how this Drewcase ended.  Rich Fields with a bucket of KFC, eating it all the while whereas Drew is with the contestants with an empty stomach and no fried chicken.  Normally this showcase would be over with and never spoken of again, but like the grease that drips off of the Fried Chicken onto the napkins that you use to clean yourself with, it went into the second showcase.  When Rich told Mary, "alright mary, I know what you're thinking.  Second showcase, with you had that car in the first showcase."  Drew immediately replies.


Rich, obviously frustrated at this moment, has to tell Drew, No.  Even better.  And finishes off Mary's showcase which was an Electric Fireplace, a Spa and a new car as well. Mary gives her bid and Drew just says Fried Chicken about 6 or 7 times and walks off camera.  The show ends with the usual Have your pets spayed or neutered line and Drew shouts at the end, Fried Chicken!

I swear, he made fried chicken look so bad that Colonel Sanders would go vegetarian.  This was one of those Drewcases where only Drew thought it was funny and nobody else.  It's just so inane and bizarre that it's more pathetic than anything really.  It's just drew getting all giddy about Fried Chicken and getting ready to eat some after this show is over, probably the chicken from Rich's bucket.

Mercifully, the showcases would get better after 2008 ended and some direction was given to them.  But the Fried Chicken Drewcase would stand on top of the crap heap for showcases.  Well, until Jack Wagner came on near the end of the year, but like I said, we'll get to him later on in the year.

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