#137 - Daniel Rosen
Wishing the corpse of Rod Roddy were announcing instead of this guy.


CBS (2003-2004)
Text by: Robert Seidelman

In 2003, The Price Is Right lost its voice again. 

Rod Roddy passed away after his long fight with cancer.  For those who fondly remember watching the show when they were sick anytime between 1989-2000 saw the loss of a comforting voice and the excitement that he could bring just by announcing that you are going to play a new car or $50,000 on Plinko.  It is a tradition on the Price Is Right that when an announcer leaves the show, the tryout process is simply having a bunch of 6-10 announcers do shows to see who does the job the best and if they are liked by the host at that time.  The first time they did this was in 1985-1986 season when Johnny Olsen died due to a brain aneurism.  The worst one out of that bunch was Rich Jeffries, but he just didn't fit the show.  He was best as a warm-up guy or as the fill-in announcer for Super Password or the full-time announcer on Bill Rafferty's version of Blockbusters (RIP Bill).  In 2003, the cream of the crop for announcers were only two that were available in Burton Richardson and Randy West.  Rich Fields would wind up getting the gig and giving us the classic line, "Thirty Year Dream, Bob."  However, there was one announcer who thought he was better than he was and would go out of his way to say that he was great on a certain forum, but we'll get to that moment later.

Here's Daniel Rosen.

Daniel Rosen was a stand-up comedian who was discovered by Johnny Carson by doing his juggling act while he was a teenager.  He would experience even more fame as being the co-host of FOX's The Late Show and garner more success as a prop comic and having a run on British TV.  So, he was a name.  I personally don't find him funny at all, but then again I'm not the type of person who finds prop comedy and juggling comedy funny.  Usually that isn't needed for when you're a game show announcer, but more of the warm-up guy.  I could see the Price Is Right audiences enjoying him as the warm-up guy, but as an announcer, not so much.

He would go on to prove that during his few times when he did announce.  Aside from Burton, Randy and Rich, Daniel Rosen seemed to get the most appearances.  He wouldn't be the absolute worst out of the bunch in terms of showmanship, but in terms of an announcer, he didn't have it.  He didn't have the genuine announcer skills that it took to be good at that job, like Burton, Rich and the current announcer in George Gray.  He had his share of crap to go through as well, but we'll save that one for next week.  I think the major problem with him is that he just seemed to rub viewers the wrong way.  When you're the announcer, it's your job to make the viewer welcome and be good at describing the prizes and doing a sign-off.  Daniel didn't do any of those.  You could tell during the shows that he was on that he had to redo some of the prize plugs in post and that seemed to come off just as lackluster as his live announcing.

At the end of the show, he would somewhat honor Rod Roddy by signing off as "This is DAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIEL ROSEN, speaking for the Price Is Right."  It's not really an honor, but more like ripping off.  Not only that, he did it much worse.  To give the best example, it's like Rod Roddy was the original song and Daniel Rosen was the crappy Kidz Bop cover of it.  It also makes the most sense that Daniel looked like he raided Rod Roddy's wardrobe when he was announcing, so maybe he was trying to rip-off Rod Roddy to make himself more likeable to the viewers at home and it failed miserably.  He announced about 10 shows when the big announcing search was on before he was rejected in favor of Rich Fields.  While Rich wasn't as dynamic or had the game show experience as Burton Richardson or Randy West, He did a very good job at was a shining light at a time where Bob was mainly phoning it in and the contestants got dumber. 

But that's not where this story ends or why he ends up here.

After Rich Fields got the job, a major incident happened on GoldenRoad.net not involving something a regular member did or something major happened to the show itself.  Someone created about 9,000 accounts on the board to basically spam just how great Daniel Rosen was and to basically dump on the show for picking Rich Fields to be the announcer instead of Daniel Rosen.  "ClockGameJon" would figure out shortly after the posts started to pile on in favor of Rosen that the IPs would lead up to only one place.  And in the thread called "Welcome, Troll", it would be found that all those accounts would be directly linked to one Daniel Rosen.  So to express the feelings of anger after everyone said that you sucked as an announcer, you basically spammed a forum dedicated to the show full of fans that range from the casual to the sane to crazed to those you just want to smack upside the head and tell them it's just a game show who know that you suck and basically try to sway them by spamming them.  That's pretty pathetic.  At the end of it all though, he would still find work doing the live shows of The Price Is Right at Foxwoods with Todd Newton, so at least he did get an announcing gig and proved once again that someone can suck so bad at something and still get work doing what he sucked at.  Isn't that right, Congress?

Up until the firing of Rich Fields, many people thought Daniel Rosen would be the worst announcer to ever try out for The Price Is Right.  Well, we all thought wrong.

Next Week: Brad Sherwood.

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