#45: Fred's Futile Fast Money
It's Frog & Alligator Before Frog & Alligator

ABC: (Late 1976)

Ahhh, Family Feud.  What would the game show world be without the home of great hosts such as Richard Dawson, Ray Combs & John O'Hurley?  It would be a place without some great moments such as September, Frog & Alligator, and the plethora of bad answers delivered by this gentlemen.

His name is Fred Baedeker.  He's responsible, in one episode no less, for two memorable, yet horrible sets of answers in Family Feud History.  Now on the show before the one where he famously flubbed up more times than any one person should, he was solid as a rock, nailing Fast Money for his team for $5,000.  But in his first question in this episode, you could tell we were in for something memorable.

His first question..."Name something that comes in pairs."  He famously uttered...

"Bananas, ohhhh".

*BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*  Yeah, a Pair of Bananas.  Makes about as much sense as a Pair of Love Birds, which was said directly after him.  But to the main matter of the induction, his fast money round from this episode.  By some miracle, his family won the game and he was sent to the booth while his sister played first.

Now here's an example of a good round of fast money.

Name a time that most people wake up...6:00
Name a time that most people go to bed...Midnight
A southern state...Louisiana
Something you buy at a delicatessen...Ham
Something that you put in tea...Sugar

Those were some good, quality answers.  They all made sense and it worked, especially for sugar.  She got 87 points, and that's a good score for the first half, especially with a few wide open questions she had to deal with.

So now out comes Fred.  He looks to be in good shape, and ready to shut the door on this and win the $5,000 for his family.  In the last game, he got over 100 points and won the money for the family.  We're going to say that first answer was an abberation.  Let's just hope that his answers here are going to be good.

Name a time that most people wake up...In the Morning           

Oh dear.

Name a time that most people go to bed... At Night             

 Dear Lord.

A southern state...North Carolina  

Thank you High.

Something you buy at a delicatessen...Pickles

        Ok, at least that one makes sense.

Something that you put in tea...A Tea Bag

Yeah, my thoughts exactly High.  I would again hide my head in shame.

My god, 5 answers in fast money, and only 1 made a lick of sense.  Man, what does this remind me of?

Yup, this was Frog & Alligator before Frog & Alligator even made it on the show.  What's worse, is that you've combined all of the terribleness of that fast money, and it's all in one person with  a red fro & glasses that make him look like a complete dork. 

Richard then proceeds to chide Fred for his insane answers, asking him what happened to the guy who did so well in the first show.  Fred then says, "I choked."  Big time dude.

Anyways, we then get to the reveal, which Richard said is going to be embarassing for the both of them.  Which, in short, was.  We get to the first question, "Name a time that most people, get up"  As Richard said, "Being the Einstein that you are, you said...

...Morning."  Survey Said...

Zip.  Then the second one, "Name a Time that most people go to bed."  He said Night...

Miraculously, got 2.  The family was really proud of that fact that they got 2.  We get to the next two.  North Carolina, once again miraculously got 4 and Pickles got 6.  Finally, we get the grand finale of this calvacade of badness.  "Name something that you put in tea."  And if you probably had guessed already....

Tea Bag got Zero, for a grand total of 99 Points.  Yeah, the man that got over 100 last game, didn't even get his family over 100 this game.  I don't think I've ever seen one person do so badly in one game of Family Feud.

Oh, right.  Him.  Yeah, I'll get to him soon enough.

But back to Fred.  I've seen the episode before this one, and I'm inclined to say that this was an aberation.  He did really well in the first show, but this day, his brain was just switched off.  Oh well, one mans stupidity is many more peoples comedy.  When I saw these answers, I just had to laugh at them.  They were so hilariously bad, that they deserved to be ridiculed.  Gotta admit though, sometimes the worst moments of Family Feud are the most hilarious.

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