#207: Strike It Rich '50s Version
Exploitation of the poor in its original form


CBS - Radio: (June 29, 1947 - April 30th, 1950)
CBS - Television ( May 7, 1951 - January 3, 1958)
NBC - Radio (May 1, 1950 - December 27, 1957)

Game shows love to play off of emotion.  Some of the greatest moments are born when you have a vested interest in the proceedings, such as Ken Jennings record run or feeling genuine sadness when any one of the panel from What's My Line passed away and John Charles Daly had to give the in memorium off the top of the show.  But the worst type of this is when it delves into the exploitation of said feelings.  This type of exploitation has seen some sort of revival in short spurts with The Briefcase and The Job, but in order to understand the ways the shows are exploitative, you have to go back to the past and see what is called one of the worst television shows in existance.  I give you Strike it Rich.

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