Updated: April 19th, 2014

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Tooncrap is back with a new update that will wash the utter disdain out of peoples mouths after the entire Allen Gregory debacle.  Let's watch some Disney!


And watch Walt's original creation of Cinderella be promptly made cheaper and crappier with a sequel in Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True!

Jim thought he'd have it easy this week, but Wheel of Fortune on Friday Night had to spoil his plans of a relaxing weekend of quiet.  See what he means in a brand new Dumb Answer of the Week.

In the world of Game Show Garbage, we highlight two of the biggest lowlights in the storied history of the lottery game show.  We first stop in California and The Big Spin.  It's 1996 and Larry Anderson has stepped down.

Enter one of the worst hosts in lottery game show history in Jack Gallagher.  Step forward and welcome the guy in a brand new induction.

In the commentaries, I start a brand new video series for Game Show Garbage called The Games Of 90.  Here, I will take a look at all shows that have debuted in 1990 and those who have had major game changes to them to make them brand new for the decade.  The first one up: The ABC flop in Monopoly.

Also, a special new column is available thanks to Brian Henegar and his column: Under The Covers.  Brian takes a look at cover songs and determines if they are good or should they be better left on a $5 CD you'd find at Walgreens full of crappy covers.  Check out his first column, right here!

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