Updated: April 16th, 2016

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Welcome to the website. We hope you enjoy your stay while maneuvering through all the garbage.

Expect a big site revamp in the coming weeks with new section, a new look and yet, still the same old stuff from me and the boys at WTR and Tooncrap!  We thank everyone for being patient with everything going on in all of our lives.  New stuff will be coming soon!

Game Show Garbage returns with a brand new induction involving Geoff Edwards and Celebrities on film!


We got us a bomb, Maggle!  It's Hollywood's Talking and it's live!

Tooncrap returns and it's a return to the land of Bikini Bottom.  How stupid is Spongebob today?

Yup, that's Gary's friend that Spongebob thought he needed!  A Pal For Gary is up on Tooncrap!

The Games Of '90 returns with a trip to Canada with a look at Merrill Heatter's last show before Catch 21 in The Last Word.  Check it out in the Commentaries!

Wrestle Theme Reviews is celebrating Wrestlemania with an all Wrestlemania special! Enjoy the grandest stage's music at the WTR section!

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