Updated: July 23rd, 2017

(NOTE: A brand new layout for GSG is getting worked on with updated banner work. We will try to get all pages up-to-date with this look in due time. Games Of '90 is now fully updated!)

It is now time!  It's Wayney Season once again!  We are looking for your nominations for the absolute worst in game shows from July 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017! If you have any nominations, send them to our Facebook group or e-mail me at sigmafan2@msn.com right now! Also, please be aware that prior winners will not be allowed back for nomination, so the 2nd TPIR College Rivalry show is not up for the award.

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Game Show Garbage has a sub-host in Garrett Seidelman talking about one of his biggest disappointments from the early 2000s?

Where right there on ABC with a bad port of You Don't Know Jack! Check it out in a brand new induction.

The Games of '90 is back with a look at FOX's Fun House. Did the move to FOX make the show better or worse?  Check it out in the Games of '90 section!

Now, for Dumb Answer of the Week.  After some careful thought and consideration, we've made a decision on the future of the section.  It will be going strong from here on out, thanks to our brand new correspondant....JESSICA BRAND! Her credentials in running the Buy A Vowel Boards and Golden Road will help make this site even better than ever before!  She'll do justice to the section that was greatly curated by the late Jim Williams.  New updates to that will be up soon!

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