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Tooncrap decides to head into the perilous world of Captain N: The Game Master and decides to take a look at a big mishap by Dic

Sure it's bad enough for a cartoon to suck, but to air one that's unfinished? Well, that was the story of the original airing of the How's Bayou episode.  Note, this was the 2nd aired episode on NBC and the version put on the official DVD.  Read more in a new induction.

(Originally Posted: May 9th, 2015) Hey it's May and that means it's UK Month again here at Game Show Garbage, and remember when I said I was saving some of the worst shows in UK game show history for last?  Well, I'm not kidding and I brought along some help for this years batch of British bollocks. For starters, who loves Reg Grundy?  I do too, but only his ideas in the 80s.  His 90s ideas? Scattegories, Small Talk?

Yeah they sucked, and Man O Man was the worst of the bunch.  Here's the induction on the whole franchise, using the UK one as the basis since it was the worst one.

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