Updated: July 26th, 2014

*Basking in the summer glow of all the worst in everything since 2009*

Welcome to the website. We hope you enjoy your stay while maneuvering through all the garbage.

*Because of personal matters, the video induction for Video Power is delayed until further notice.  We're sorry for the inconvience.  Please remember though: this is a hobby and not a full-time job and that this isn't our top priority.*

*It's that time of the year again for you to give us your nominations for the 2013-2014 Patrick Wayne Award!  Keep on sending in your nominations for the worst thing in game shows for the 2013-2014 season, either at sigmafan2@msn.com or our facebook page.  The finalists will be announced and the final poll will be put up August 1st.*

Game Show Garbage plays more video games and this time we have the worst game show game from the 16-bit era and one of the worst games from the Super Nintendo library.


It's Nickelodeon GUTS for the SNES.  A game so bad you'll want President Obama to do a jump flip on it and destroy it.  Watch the video in a brand new induction.

The Games Of '90 is also back with a brand new video taking a look at Think Fast.  But since an induction has already been done on Think Fast, this is more of a revisiting of some things that were missed or overlooked in the previous video.  Check it out in the commentaries.

Tooncrap also makes a return with everyone's favorite ursines and an adventure to a dark, uncaring place.

The Care Bears and The Land Without Feelings is up now in a brand new induction!

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