Updated: November 23rd, 2014

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Game Show Garbage has its latest induction and this time it's from....Mark Goodson?  This can't be right?

Well, it is right.  What may be Mark Goodson's worst game show post 1970 is here in Mindreaders!  Check it out, and see if you can stay awake.

Dumb Answer of the Week comes back with something Family Feud related...from the Steve Harvey Show...and somehow has Todd Chrisley involved...not being the dumbest douchebag in the room.  This could get ugly.

11/20/2014 - The Commentaries have been updated with my thoughts on GSN's upcoming slate of programming for 2015 and why I am weary about almost all of it.  Take a look at what's coming up and some thoughts I have on the upcoming shows.

11/16/2014 - Tooncrap is all new for you this week as Raymond Gallant takes a look at another cartoon done by our good friends at Video Brinquedo.

How racist and how big of a ripoff can we get?  Find out in Little Princess School!

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