Updated: September 3rd, 2015

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I want to thank everyone for voting on this years Patrick Wayne Award.  Now it's time to announce the winners!  For the Internet Wayney, you had the choice between Buzzr Password, Take My Bitcoin, Money Where Your Mouth is and Pop Quiz Hot Shot.  Your winner is...

BUZZR PASSWORD!  That induction will show up on September 12th.  As for the TV Wayney, you had the unenviable task of picking between Lie Detectors, FOX's Bullseye, Celebrity Squares with Warwick Davis, 500 Questions and The Briefcase.  Your winner and Final induction of the regular series is....

THE BRIEFCASE! That induction will go up September 26th.  Once again thank you all for voting.

Game Show Garbage goes to the deepest darkest reaches of television history to find one of the worst shows in existance!


It's exploitation galore as we see poor people beg for money on Strike It Rich!  See what the hubub is about this "Worst Show EVAR!" in a brand new induction!

(originally updated: 8/22/2015) Tooncrap is in a real sporting mood this time out and what better way to be in a sporting mood than going back to the 90s and reliving the glory days of Bo, Wayne and Michael!


So instead of watching them in their actual field of expertise, we have them fighting crime.  It's Prostars!

UPDATE 7/17: A quick edit to our SOCIAL MEDIA page adds a Presents special from last year on Idiotest, plus links will be added for series 3 and 4 of The Chase-cast in a week or so.

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