Updated: December 3rd, 2018

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Games O'Canada is back in a big way! We have an aura of firsts as we have the first kids game show to be made into video form in Kidstreet. But along with that comes something even more amazing....

...A host so bad that he deserved a mid-review induction into GSG! Kevin Frank...the source of all the pain on Kidstreet & The Next Line gets put into the hall of shame!

It's time for the first big arc induction of this year! For year 10 the big arc has to deal with one of the best and worst places for game shows in the 90s: The Family Channel. So we're going to do at least 3 of the absolute worst shows from The Family Channel. The first one is a real doozy. Take an ok 1970s show, modernize it and add in a fake child psychologist. What do you get?

You get the disasterous Wait Til You Have Kids! Check it out in a brand new induction!

In the commentaries is a brand new Buzzr themed Random Thoughts of Randomness. With an extended digital push, I take a look into my crystal ball and see what it could entail, along with other minutae.

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