Updated: August 3rd, 2015

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Game Show Garbage proudly supports Home Game Enterprize's 24 Hour Game Show Marathon West event being held at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas during TCONA 5.  All proceeds of this event will go towards the Extra Life organizaiton.  If you'd love to donate, click on the winking Whammy above!

It's time to vote for the Patrick Wayne Award!  Please click on this Link to vote for what you think wins the Patrick Wayne Award!

Tooncrap is brand new with a part of a show that we've inducted at Game Show Garbage...before it was a game show.

Yes, it's the cartoon equivilent of Video Power aka The Power Team.  See how Acclaim mangles their own properties...this time in cartoon form!

Finally, in the Commentaries, the finale of James Fabiano's History of Fremantle retrospective.  How does Fremantle's current crop measure up with the sins of the past?

UPDATE 7/17: A quick edit to our SOCIAL MEDIA page adds a Presents special from last year on Idiotest, plus links will be added for series 3 and 4 of The Chase-cast in a week or so.

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