Updated: August 23rd, 2014

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In the commentaries this week, Robert Seidelman gives his picks for the Best Game Shows of 2013/2014 in a special Unscripted Top 5.

Tooncrap takes a look back at the Simpson's beginnings.  But we're not talking about the Tracey Ullman Show bits.

Instead we look at the pilot for the show.  Check it out in a brand new induction

Game Show Garbage has a two-fer for you to peruse through.  The first one is a video game from the vast pile of shovelware that is the Nintendo Wii library of games.  Did I need to mention this was made by Ludia?

It's the Hollywood Squares Wii game in a brand new video induction.  But also we have the long awaited and long delayed induction of...

Video Power!  Watch it in all of its glory in a brand new induction now!

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