Updated: November 22nd, 2015

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Welcome to the website. We hope you enjoy your stay while maneuvering through all the garbage.

Game Show Garbage is here with a new video!  This time we take a look at the combinations of good host and good show that didn't set the world on fire.  Check out the Top Five Worst of them in a brand new induction!

Tooncrap is here with us with a look at My Little Pony!  Now I know what you're thinking.  Are we going to rail on Friendship is Magic?  Well....no.


Instead, we're looking at these creepy looking things that are somehow called Ponies.  This is Gen 3 of My Little Pony and it's awful.  Check out an example in a new Tooncrap.

Spooky things are happening at Wrestle Theme Reviews as the boys play dress-up and hit the spooky themes button in their Halloween Special!

In the commentaries, I talk about what to expect from the site from here on out such as the schedule of what will be put up on my end for videos.

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